Melissa Posner

Fashion Illustrator

Based in United States


Fashion illustration featuring Dorothy blouse & Jane culottes.


Illustrator & student Melissa Posner smashes together references from different worlds to develop her own distinct style. Contemporary artists like Kehinde Wiley, Erik Jones, and Soey Milk are some artists that drive her creative journey whether it is through color, materials, content or process.


"Jones, especially, has led me to revert back to working on some of my recent illustrations in a style that I experimented with a year ago- a style where I utilize bright, saturated blocks of color. Moreover, photographers, especially those working with fashion editorials are big influences to me as I find that many blend fashion with contrasting or complementary visual elements like color, form, pattern, or light. Collectively, these and other sources have inspired me to create the art I make and has led me to pursue a career in fashion" - Melissa Posner