Textile designer & Illustrator

Based in São Paulo

Fashion illustration featuring Anne skirt, Dorothy blouse, and Jane culottes.


Brazillian illustrator & Textile designer Andrés Carmo created his own interpretation of Pre-fall 2016 Austen collection. We fell in love at first glance with Tropicowboy, one of his creative outlets that are playful, straightforward, and full of eye candy. In his work across fashion, media, celebrity, culture, also pop-art, he gives a shout out for gender equality and empowerment in his artistic practice. And that's how we love how his playful imagery gives a certain amount of carefree positivity to his work,

"Tropicowboy was born from my desire to express through images and art. Devoted from all the things that influence my everyday life, it is a tropical-pop inspired project that mixes with the playfulness and the colorful aspects of things and people, which sometimes give me a sense of nostalgia with a touch of subtlety." Andrés Carmo.